When you want to sell property in Malta…

When you want to sell property in Malta, give us a call.  We are RE/MAX.  We are the experts in terms of Malta property for sale by RE/MAX.  We can make this claim with pride and confidence because we are one of the few real estate companies whose website and real estate agents are designed for and trained to ensure that our clients are able to sell their properties above market price, and are able to buy properties for prices which are below the market price. We guarantee nothing but success and satisfaction should you choose to list or buy with a RE/MAX real estate agent.

At RE/MAX Malta, we offer our clients many tools which will assist them in buying the property of their dreams, or in selling a property at a price that is well above any they could have ever imagined!  The first and most important tool is our website.  Our website is comprehensive and features a lot of tools which our clients will find useful in their quest to buy or sell property.  The landing page of our website features a user-friendly search engine.  This search engine is easy to use and has many of the key features clients are looking for when they want to buy or sell the property as search parameters.  Good examples are the buy/rent options, the property type field, the minimum, and maximum price desired, etc…While other companies have similar features on their websites, none are as comprehensive as ours because we list every property that is on the market for purchase or sale in Malta.  We also have a featured properties section on the landing page which lists and describes prime properties for purchase, rent, or sale which are very popular in Malta at the moment.

Another key tool we offer our clients is the information found in our blogs in the blogs section of our website.  True, other real estate companies have blogs on their websites but are any of them comprehensive in nature in terms of explaining property laws specific and unique to Malta like the inheritance tax, or konvenju?  We also offer useful on a wide variety of real estate topics, ranging from renting apartments to finding the best places to dine in Malta once the client has purchased his or her dream house.  Many of our clients are pleased to find that this section serves as a mini real estate consultant which is able to answer real estate related questions while they are waiting to hear information or decisions regarding the property they are interested in buying or selling from their real estate agent!

The two tools mentioned above are just a few of the many tools and resources our clients can access as they seek to sell or buy property in Malta.  Because we are interested in fulfilling dreams and not just in helping people buy and sell the property, we treat our clients like royalty!

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