What Pests Could Invade My Home?

If you live in the UK, there are quite a lot of creatures that might decide to move in with you, and most are only active in the summer months. From May until October, you are most at risk from a pest infestation, and the following creatures all thrive in the UK.

  • Ants– There are several species of ants that might invade your home, with both red and black ants a common occurrence. Rather than wasting your time trying to kill these hardy little insects, a call to the best pest control in Huddersfield will soon have the ants removed, and what’s more, they are unlikely to ever return.
  • Cockroaches– These amazing creatures have been around for 50 million years, and most people can’t stand the sight of them. They are associated with dirty places, although this is very much a myth, as cockroaches will inhabit a clean environment, providing there is food available.
  • Rodents– Rats and mice are notoriously difficult to eradicate, and while you might enjoy a degree of success with traps and poison, the pest control professionals have a number of tactics that really do work.
  • Bedbugs– These tiny insects feed off dead skin cells that are naturally expelled by our bodies while we sleep, and while a good vacuum might have some success, the pest control technician can ensure they pests are removed forever.

Should you ever find the above pests have taken up residence in your home, a quick call to your local pest control service is all it takes to set the wheels in motion, and once the technician has inspected the site, he will know what to do.

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