Rent Your Property Quickly In A Modern World

Historically the best way to rent out your property was to advertise in your local shop, put a sign in the garden or at most an advert in the local paper. In the 90’s specialist newspapers came to prominence where people could advertise for a fee to thousands of eager tenants. The specialist newspapers dominance peaked around 2003. Since then the way we rent properties has changed dramatically. Gone are the days when a scrawled not poorly detailing a property were enough. Like most industries rental property started to move online in the late 90’s. Now it’s just as advanced as any other online industry with a variety of websites offering everything from pictures, videos, sound, satellite maps to floor plans.

There are literally thousands if not millions of websites offering alternative ways to rent your property online. Most however are not available to the general public. Propertyfinder, findaproperty, primelocation are all UK property websites or as they are known “portals”. These portals do not allow individuals to advertise properties on their site. This is due to the pressures from estate agents so that they can continue to dominate the market. Therefore in order to advertise with a website like these you must use an agent. Agents tend to charge around 10% of the yearly income.

However there are many alternatives that allow free advertising online and many that offer paid advertising online. Craigslist offer a fantastic way to post simple adverts online especially in the USA and if you are quite tech savvy you can use coding to design a good advert. Many of the online classified sites offer a reasonable service. However beware of “scammers” and make sure you repost your advert frequently.

Specialist rental websites can offer the best solution. They make it simple and easy to post the perfect advert and give the best response. [] offers a fantastic example of a specialist rentals website. Live Simply offers free advertising for both landlords and agents. The site is designed to make life easy when you are renting property so the adverts are designed to get the best response from interested tenants. You can add pictures, videos and sound descriptions and your property will be found on a satellite photo of your area.

You might think that videos and photos are excessive but that’s what tenants want. Statistics show that properties with pictures get 9 times more responses than those without. Adverts with videos get twice as much as those just with photos. You get the picture. In essence like most things in life the preparation work must be made. You need to create a fantastic advert, so get out the digital camera and take lots of photos. If your camera has a video setting like most do then make one and walk around your property. This helps save time later. People know what your place is like before they come. If they like it they will come, if they don’t like it then unfortunately they won’t.

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