Build Your Own Greenhouse in 10 Steps

Having armed yourself with all the basic information to build your own greenhouse, you are probably thinking you know it all! Perhaps you do, but it would be a good idea to prepare a checklist to mark off all the steps you must cater to. Go through the ten steps outlined below to get an idea of things to keep in mind when you build your own greenhouse.

Step 1: Finalize the size of your greenhouse depending on your need and the space available.

Step 2: Identify the reason for building a greenhouse. Do you plan to use it only to start seedlings and cuttings for early planting to the outside? Do you plan to grow flowers or vegetables all year round? Do you want to nurture a collection of exotic plants or perhaps have an herb garden?

Step 3: Honestly work out how much time you can give to your greenhouse in the week. Can you spend some time in it daily? The answer to this question will have a bearing on the size of your greenhouse and the plants you wish to grow.

Step 4: Do you have any local guidelines or laws for building and construction that require you to take clearances or complete documentation before you begin construction? Would you be liable to taxation if you construct a greenhouse on your property?

Step 5: What heads should you cater for while planning your budget? Other than the cost of foundation, flooring, framework, glazing, furnishings, and plants, what other heads have you considered? Have you thought about the need for cooling, heating, ventilation, irrigation, furnishings, accessories and lighting?

Step 6: What materials should you opt for? Do you want to build your own greenhouse on a tight budget or are you in a position to go in for somewhat more expensive options? Are you desirous of making a permanent structure or a temporary one? Is functionality all you are looking for or are aesthetics your primary concern? Are you trying to find a middle ground where functionality can be coordinated with aesthetics?

Step 7: If you are building yourself what kind of fastening materials, tools and equipment would you need to erect the framework and securely attach glazing to the framework?

Step 9: What furnishings and accessories would be most appropriate? From where can they be got and how much would they cost?

Step 10: What kind of potting mixes are most suitable for the kind of plants you want to grow? Where can you get them and at what cost? Do you plan to have a pest or disease management system in place?

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