8 Secrets to a Successful Construction Project

A successful construction project is a mix of design talent and highly experienced building and construction techniques. Coupling an experienced design team with a knowledgeable builder is a definite formula for success. These two types of expertise create the dazzling new living concepts we see rising around us. They’re the result of a healthy combination of experience and innovation.

Architecture: Creative design and CAD magic at work

Best practice in the building industry is a series of well organized functional steps starting with creative design. Modern design, using computer assisted design, (CAD) ensures professional standards of work, attention to detail and high quality design which complies with building regulations and statutory approvals requirements.

Consultation: Getting it right on site

A site may contain a maze of issues, including drainage, soil quality, tree roots, clay, and other situations. All these things can be highly expensive if they affect the building work.

Having a detailed survey of the site (site contours and heights) is absolutely necessary prior to undertaking the design drawings as it may impact the type of design and construction undertaken. Having a geotechnical report (soil report) up front which identifies the type of material the building is to be founded on is absolutely necessary as it may impact the type of design and construction undertaken.

Design: Bringing your dreams to life

Architects and building designers can create your dream home in detail. Experienced builders and construction managers will tell you to stay focused on basics, like:

  • Be sure that both your designer and builder have experience undertaking the type of project you have in mind. Experience is all-important. Expert designers and builders are super-efficient, and can deal with the most demanding technical issues quickly and effectively.
  • Have the builder work with the designer from the outset, from a cost perspective, so that the clients budget can be measured and met. This is critically important. Problems are found and solved before they happen, protecting your budget.
  • Co-ordination of services drawings with the design drawings is crucial prior to starting construction. This ensures that the builder does not get held up during construction and there are no additional costs. A good services plan prevents “surprises” on site, like delays and problems fitting your water and power mains to your home because plans weren’t coordinated.

Building professionals do everything well

Having a clear and accurate construction programme (timeline) is absolutely necessary in ensuring all parties understand the project and the time frame involved. Delays and mistakes can demolish your budget. Top builders monitor timely progress of construction and cost controls.

The expert touch: High quality construction

Quality control calls for expert building construction management. Having professionals overseeing your building is your best defence against mistakes and problems. An expert builder will enforce your quality controls for you. They ensure that you get top standard construction work and don’t cut corners on plans. Expert builders are your guarantee of success.

Cribb Construction is an Australian building company based In Queensland concentrating their capabilities on three core services: Custom Homes, Commercial Construction and Project Management.

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