What it is like living in a new build home

When you first move onto a new development, it can feel like you have moved to some strange, uninhabited planet!  If you are one of the first buyers to get to move in, you can be on your own for some time before you get your neighbors, and all the homes fill up.  Here are some things to expect when you first move into a newly build property.

The neighborhood feel

It is unlikely that you will be having street parties and neighborhood barbeques early on – when everyone is new to the neighborhood, it can take a while for people to meet each other and get to know who they live nearby.  A new development is starting from scratch for everyone, so if you are the social type, it may well be up to you to instigate any neighborhood fun and games!

That said, there is definitely still a sense of shared experiences when you are starting a new neighborhood from scratch.  You all have something in common with each other, and can bond over all sorts of things like design choices, gardening or even the local school.  It won’t take long for you to strike up a conversation!

Get used to building noise

If you are moving onto your development before the whole estate is completed, you will certainly need to get used to hearing the sounds of building going on around you!  Builders often have early starts, and you will notice that your home might get dirtier quicker than usual.  At least all the building going on is a sign of progress, and  it won’t be long before all the new build homes are finished and you can enjoy living in your new house minus the noise and dirt of the construction process!

Facilities and Access

It can take some time to get normal and basic services installed in your development.  Things like post boxes, gritters on the road in winter and even street lighting can take a while before it all gets put in.  Some estates are not even adopted by the local council, so things like bin collection can take a little while to get sorted out.  If your development is located out of town, it can also take a while for the infrastructure to catch up, so bus stops and road access may be a little slow to be added.

Green Space

Most developers have environmental targets to achieve in order to be allowed to proceed with the development. This can mean that they need to plant a certain number of trees, or designate an area to be green such as a park or play area.  These areas can be small, and the trees will take many years to grow, so don’t be surprised when there doesn’t appear to be much greenery when you move in!

Limits to what you can do

Some developments are fairly strict on what you can do the outside of your property for a while after you move in.  There are sometimes clauses in your contract which state you cannot make alterations to the exterior of your property, or park caravans/vans.  These are normally just during the construction period and can even include that you aren’t allowed to put up sales boards on your home when you sell!  It is important to check what you can and cannot do during those first stages of home ownership.

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